• 01. Domestic Cleaning £13 £12
  • 02. Carpet Cleaning - Bedroom £22 £18
  • 03. Deep Cleaning £16 £14
  • 04. End of Tenancy - Studio £94 £79
  • 05. Gardening Service £37 £33

Carpet Cleaning

carpetWe are an outstanding cleaning company that specializes in providing only a first class quality cleaning services at the territory of London. We are proud to offer a great diversity of them and we know that we must be perfect in every cleaning detail. One of the services that we are currently offering is the carpet cleaning service. If you want to possess an immaculately cleaned carpets in the fastest way you certainly need to take advantage of our carpet technicians.

Dirty carpets are certainly not the nicest look and for that reason we are welcoming you to choose us and to forget about all the cleaning problems. We use special methods and approaches thanks to which we are able to perform the best service in that area. Our workers are consistent in their work and they know how important it is not to harm your favourite carpets.

Carpet Price
Landing Carpet from £10£9
Bedroom Carpet from £20 £18
Livingroom Carpet from £26 £23

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Carpet cleaning within our company currently includes:

  • dry cleaning
  • steam cleaning
  • removing of severe stains
  • removing of unpleasant odours
  • very competent carpet technicians
  • professional attitude
  • call centres available seven days per week

We are welcoming you to join us and to trust us for possessing almost brand new carpets. Our carpet technicians are more than devoted to prove to you that they can manage with every task. They are not afraid of dirt and stains, on the contrary, their aim is to remove them effectively and for good. Even if you think that you could provide adequate cleaning for your carpets you are well aware of the fact that professional treatment is far different from the one that you could perform. We rely on dry cleaning and steam cleaning and in that way we can extract all the dirt that has hidden on the surface of the carpets. If unpleasant smells, caused by your pets are bothering you, we assure you that we can handle with that. Check our prices.

We are equipped with special deodorizers that will make the air fresh and pleasant. They are specially designed for treating of the carpets and they are absolutely safe for your health. The working time is, of course planned due to customers’ preferences. We know that you may have busy working schedule and for that purpose we have established flexible working times. We are available even at the weekends to come and to take all of your carpets. Taking into account all of this, you will be completely satisfied with your choice.

Cleaner Fulham has a lot of experience that has helped us through the years and that has established certain habits in our carpet cleaners. Do not be worry for the payment issues, as we have thought about every detail. The inexpensive carpet cleaning is awaiting for you right now and we advise you not to miss this opportunity and to join our lovely company. To be really helpful we offer you you customer support centres, where a friendly staff will inform you of every detail.